Erik Kristiansson



The research group

Our research focuses on the analysis of quantitative data in molecular biology and medicine. The research group is interdisciplinary and contains competences in mathematics, computer science and biology. Our main research activities are in three areas

  • Development of computational and statistical methods for comparative metagenomics
  • Development methods for identification of antibiotic resistance bacteria using genome and metagenome sequencing
  • Analysis of large-scale data from next generation DNA sequencing and microarrays

We have experience from multiple genomics techniques including genome sequencing, gene expression analysis (microarrays and RNA-seq), metagenomics and amplicon sequencing. Applications include cancer genomics, environmental sciences, microbiology, systematics and ecology.

Our research is funded by the Swedish Research Council (VR), the Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning (FORMAS), the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research (MISTRA), EU and Chalmers University of Technology.


Erik Kristiansson | erik (dot) kristiansson (at) chalmers (dot) se | phone:+46(0)31 772 35 21