Erik Kristiansson



Developed tools

tentacle: a framework for distributed analysis of terabase metagenomes

Qnr pipeline: A method for identification of quinolone antibiotic resistance (qnr) genes in fragmented sequence data.

BEAT: The BactErial Abundance esTimator.

Xspecies: An R-package for cross-species meta-analysis of gene expression profiles.

Fungal ITS extractor: An open source software package for rapid, automated extraction of ITS1 and ITS2 from fungal ITS sequences for use in high-throughput community assays and molecular ecology l

Chimera Checker: An open source chimera checker for the ITS region

ShotgunFunctionalizeR: An R-package for functional comparison of metagenomes.

Fungal ITS identifier: A software pipeline for processing and identification of fungal ITS sequences.

Emerencia: A database for species identification and data mining of fungal barcode regions.

Enricher: A tool for identification of transcription factor binding sites in yeast.

Weighted Analysis of Microarray Experiments (WAME):An R-package for quality assessment and analysis of microarray data.


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